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 Voices of 

 the Earth 


Paris, Millemont. The Voices 4 Mother Earth gathering initiated by the Embassy of the Earth and the Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples, led by wisdom keepers from around the world – Indigenous elders, environmentalists, farmers, youth and more – call for unified action to ensure that the next seven generations have a world in which they can live.

Young wisdom keepers Taimiroa Pajimola and Lindar Winnie Otieno, reading the Vision Statement of the Voices 4 Mother Earth gathering to the world press on the Seine River in front of the Notre Dame at the COP21, Paris 6/12/2015.
We, the youth, are the seventh generation after the start of the Industrial Age. In consideration of the next seven generations, we are taking unified action now to assure that they have a world they can live in.

Today is the point from which we have the power to act. We are taking the lead. Please give us a hand. 
By joining intentions from all directions, it is already done.


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