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 Put Life back in 

 our own Hands 



Embassy of the Earth Fellowship

Certain things just cannot be learned from a book, let alone in a classroom. If you want to learn how to become a worthy professional (design, manage and lead) of the Embassy of the Earth join us on the Journey.

It is an exploratory expedition towards unsuspected forces, an inward adventure.

You discover new qualities within yourself and others, you learn to conquer fear and resistance, to experience the magic of the moment and to eventually take the ‘treasure’ back home with you.

We employ the concept of a journey to shake off fixed frameworks, just as the nomads do.

“Stripping life to the bare essentials.”

But in the first place we always embark on the journey with a real task, a challenge, an issue which the team of travelers must get a grip on. Staying open and connected to others, the environment, society, world is key to designing solutions. The format is a reflective practicum, to learn by doing, to connect thinking and doing. Always aiming only for the best results. In this way, mutually dependent, participants become the leaders, the social designers of the future.

On this Learning Journey you will also receive the necessary concepts, tools and skills helping large groups of people, communities, to get their act together.

Learn to become a good social architect.

  • establishing ‘common ground‘

  • focus on the future

  • getting the ‘right system‘ in the room

  • engaging people in concrete tasks

  • exploring the context before making decisions

  • all participants, practitioners have value

  • the relevance of good data

  • rationalization of conflict

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